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SolOcean GmbH

Floating Solar Technologies

Investment sweet spot: Sustainability
Investment Profile: High & High

Location: Amstetten, Austria

€952.532 Funded
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SolOcean GmbH

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All investors who invest up to 45 days after publication of the investment will receive a discount on the company valuation of around 7%.

This means that the valuation is EUR 6.75 million instead of EUR 7.25 million.


Here you get to the latest study of the World Bank about floating PV


SolOcean GmbH is developing a disruptive floating photovoltaic system with the goal of 100 % emission-free energy generation. This enables for the first time the almost unrestricted use on all water surfaces of our earth (fresh and salt water). Snow load, wind, storms, waves, currents and salt corrosion push floating photovoltaic systems worldwide to their limits. More than 4 years of research and development and nearly EUR 1 million have been invested in SolOcean's disruptive floating PV system to date.


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Investment Summary

Planned return on investment
(target case)
37% IRR (internal rate of return) p.a.
Planned return on investment
(base case)
26% IRR (internal rate of return) p.a.
Subsidiary loan term 31.03.2026
Payback date 31.03.2027
Date interest payment Am Ende der Laufzeit
Pre-money valuation €7.250.000
Funding Threshold €150.000
Funding maximum €1.100.000

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