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EnerKíte 2020

Making reliable, green energy available globally

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Location: Berlin, Deutschland

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EnerKíte 2020

Challenge: To achieve international climate targets, energy must be produced with zero emissions worldwide. With current technologies, electricity cannot simultaneously be produced in a green, cheap, and reliable way.

Solution: EnerKíte meets this challenge with its uniquely designed airborne wind energy system, which delivers low-cost, baseload-capable wind energy.

Technology & USPs: Our patented ultralight wing, fully automatic operation in strong and steady high winds, and ground-based power generation ensure the highest energy yield of all green energy sources. We produce twice as much electricity as wind turbines and five times as much as solar plants of the same capacity.

Market: Billions of people worldwide are still dependent on fossil fuels for reliable energy supply. We offer the first green alternative that can replace diesel generators and supply islands or charging stations for electric vehicles with a constant flow of low-cost electricity. Extensive testing guarantees that our solution is the most robust and reliable on the market. We are entering a fast-growing multi-billion-dollar market with our container-sized airborne wind energy system. Our technology has the potential to establish itself in the megawatt class and achieve costs of less than 3 cents per kilowatt hour.

Investment Opportunity: Thanks to our powerful technology and scalable business model, we will realize our vision of making reliable green energy available globally. Grants of €3.5 million and the proof of concept for the rotating launch system form the basis of the new campaign and the final spurt to market entry.
Invest today in a mature technology and a mature company about which the EU jury of experts says: “The commercialization strategy is sound, with proven early pilots financed by the customers. The financial projections and planning are realistic.”

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35% IRR (internal rate of return) p.a.
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25% IRR (internal rate of return) p.a.
Subsidiary loan term 30.04.2029
Payback date 30.04.2030
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