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3D Aerospace

Merging technology and viticulture for a greener planet

Investment sweet spot: Sustainability
Investment Profile: High & High

Location: Toulouse, France

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3D Aerospace

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3D Aerospace (the "Company") is a European deep-technology start-up located in France. Through its business solution DeVines, 3D Aerospace addresses the common problems found across the European and worldwide vineyards. The solution consists of automatically assessing the health and efficiency of a vineyard by combining the assets of European satellites Galileo for precise geolocation and artificial intelligence for precise monitoring.

3D Aerospace is developing a new connected GPS platform (eHermes) which combines high accuracy positioning and embedded vision capabilities. The latter are used to map the vineyard in high definition in order to autonomously detect the most common vineyard anomalies such as dead plants, water leakage, plant diseases. The geotagged data collected by the eHermes receivers are sent to a cloud-based database for image processing. Thanks to machine learning algorithms, an automatic assessment of vineyard key performance indicators is derived. Finally, a smartphone application is provided to grape growers to visualise the digital vineyard map. The patented technology will assist European and international producers in their winemaking management at different scales: workforce management, vines supervision and vineyard management.

Europe is the world’s leader market in viticulture with 2.4 million vineyard owners, exploiting 3.2 million hectares of vineyards. 3D Aerospace will launch its DeVines service in Q4 2021, targeting 60,000 French vineyard owners through a monthly subscription. The Company is expected to reach breakeven in 2024 and is projected to grow its market share in France up to 5% resulting in € 23.3 million revenues by 2025. An international expansion is planned in 2026 starting with Luxembourg and Germany which will double the target market to 120,000 vineyard owners.


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59% IRR (internal rate of return) p.a.
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49% IRR (internal rate of return) p.a.
Subsidiary loan term 31.01.2026
Payback date 31.01.2027
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Pre-money valuation €3.500.000
Funding Threshold €30.000
Funding maximum €300.000